MUNICH ERGO Asset Management GMBH

Acquisition of Equity Interest in Horse Creek and Electra Wind Projects by:

Starwood Energy Group, LLC

MUNICH ERGO Asset Management GMBH (“MEAG”), acting on behalf of Munich Re, acquired an equity interest in the Horse Creek and Electra wind projects located
in North Texas. The projects, which each have a capacity of 230MW, were constructed by Starwood Energy Group, LLC, a leading U.S. infrastructure investor,
and began operations in late 2016.

The acquisition adds a further wind park investment in Texas to Munich Re’s existing US renewable energy portfolio and is MEAG’s ninth infrastructure investment
on behalf of Munich RE in North America.

Marathon Capital served as MEAG’s exclusive buy-side financial advisor, providing valuation, due diligence, negotiation, and transaction execution support
throughout the acquisition process.



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M&A - Buy Side

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Europe, Asia, USA

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August 2017