Empower Energies

Distributed Generation Fund for commercial and industrial photovoltaic solar projects provided by:

WGL Energy Systems, Inc.

Empower Energies, Inc. (“Empower” or the “Company”) successfully closed the Distributed Generation Fund (“DG Fund”) for commercial and industrial (“C&I”)
photovoltaic solar projects originated and developed by Empower and its co-development partners.

Marathon Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor and evaluated a variety of tailored, structuring options in the process of successfully raising
a substantial commitment of tax equity and cash equity financing for the DG Fund.

Empower and WGL Energy Systems, Inc. (“WGL Energy”), a WGL company (NYSE: WGL) plan to originate, develop, construct and manage rooftop, ground mount,
and canopy PV solar projects through the DG Fund for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals
over the next two years. Tax equity financing will be provided by a major strategic investor.

The DG Fund enables Empower to offer a complete ‘capital stack’, including development capital, construction financing, and project buyouts at different
points during the development process, depending on the needs of the co-developer. The DG Fund also creates efficiencies for C&I customers, simplifying
the project approval process, and enabling a single decision point, thereby accelerating development.

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November 2016