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SunEdison acquired EchoFirst, a residential solar energy company that designs, manufactures, and markets the Echo® residential solar system. Echo® is a whole home energy system that supplements conventional solar PV panels with a unique thermal technology capturing the heat from the PV panels and is supported by a lease financing solution – offering homeowners zero money down option - funded by an A-rated utility, WGL.

Marathon Capital acted as exclusive Financial Advisor to EchoFirst.

Marathon Capital ran a process to seek capital investment and/or a sale of the business. Echofirst's unique software platform generated strong bid interest as a state-of-the-art IT based transaction model, with complete interfaces to the investor portals as well as NOCs. Additionally, the management team's experience building SunPower's residential business provided great insight into best practices with existing channel players, as well as how to support a significant growth in volume.

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July 2013