Axio Power Holdings

Sale of 1.5 GW North American Solar Power Development Pipeline to:

Sun Edison, LLC

Axio Power Holdings, LLC (“Axio Power”) retained Marathon Capital as Investment Advisor, to assist the Company in identifying and managing discussions
with potential institutional financial and strategic investors with interest in solar energy projects. At the time of the transaction, Axio Power had
a utility-scale development portfolio in United States and Canada; approaching 1.5 GW in the predominately southwestern U.S. region, including midwest
and northeast U.S. Noteably, Axio also developed 14 Ontario FIT contract projects.

Marathon Capital acted as exclusive Financial Advisor to Axio Power.

The transaction included selling the existing platform, contracted assets and development portfolio, as well as management team. During the engagement,
Marathon Capital secured bridge financing for the developer as part of the transaction.

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December 2011