Energy Transition

Marathon Capital is uniquely positioned through its strategic consulting and ESG services to help companies plan and execute strategic initiatives aimed at improving operational sustainability and gaining competitive advantages amidst the broader energy transition that is underway.

Companies are facing increasing pressure from both internal and external stakeholders to make tangible commitments to improve their environmental footprints. There is a growing consensus within the business community that these initiatives not only fulfill expectations for corporate responsibility but also drive leaner, stronger and all around better performing businesses. Each company has its own unique needs and goals, and Marathon Capital can leverage its extensive in-house expertise to integrate ESG considerations into the company’s broader strategic framework

Marathon Capital is actively advising clients in this space, providing innovative solutions, such as Tax Equity investment + REC Offtake (“TERO”), to facilitate renewable market entry, development and compliance of sustainability goals, and corporate renewable procurement for REC/Capacity offtake.

Recent Energy Transition Transactions