Jul 26, 2019

​Marathon Capital Advises Amp Americas on RNG Production Facilities

Marathon Capital, LLC (“Marathon”) is pleased to announce the investment in Amp Americas’ (“Amp”) renewable natural gas (“RNG”) production facilities by
an undisclosed infrastructure investor. Sparkstone Capital Advisors worked as a co-advisor with Marathon Capital on the sale process.

Marathon led discussions on the opportunity with potential bidders and educated several parties on the RNG production process as well as the Renewable
Identification Numbers (“RINs”) and Low Carbon Fuel Standard (“LCFS”) market. The RNG facilities were the first of their kind to produce RNG that qualified
for both RINs under the Renewable Fuels Standard (“RFS”) and LCFS.
“This work came as a result of Marathon’s strategic interest in RNG and demonstrates our capabilities in the space. We look forward to being an integral
part of this rapidly growing industry.” – Gary Greenblatt, Managing Director & Co-Head of New York Office, Marathon Capital.
“Marathon Capital’s experience in the renewable fuels markets allowed them to truly understand our unique value proposition and we are thrilled at the
outcome of this transaction. We are excited to play a part in RNG’s transformation of the renewable fuels market, while strengthening local agricultural
communities and benefiting the environment.” – Grant Zimmerman, CEO, Amp Americas.


About Marathon Capital

Marathon Capital is a leading financial advisory and investment banking firm focused on providing financial advice in the areas of M&A, capital raising
of debt and equity, project finance, tax equity, financial restructuring, recapitalization, bankruptcy and workout situations in the energy sector.
Marathon Capital is a four-time recipient of the “Best Renewable Asset M&A Adviser” Award, “Renewable Generating Project Finance Deal of the Year”
Award (2016), first-time recipient of the “Best Asset M&A Adviser” (2017) and first-time recipient of the “M&A Adviser of the Year” (2019)
in Power Finance & Risk’s Annual Power Finance Deals and Firms Awards.

About Amp Americas

Founded in 2011, Amp Americas is a pioneer in the renewable transportation fuel industry. The company builds and operates on-farm biogas projects, sources
and markets RNG to supply fuel to some of the country’s largest fleet customers, and partners with dairy farmers across the country to bring more ultra-low
CI gas to market. The company currently operates the two largest on-farm biogas projects in the country, which produce five million gallons of 100%
renewable natural gas from dairy waste annually. Amp Americas received the first dairy waste-to-vehicle fuel pathway certified by California’s Air
Resources Board (CARB) and was awarded a Carbon Intensity (CI) score of -254.94 gCO2e/MJ, the lowest ever issued by CARB. Visit www.ampamericas.com.