Andrew Suh

Head of Korea, Country Manager

Meet Andrew Suh

Andrew Suh is Head of Korea and Country Manager at Marathon Capital. Andrew is a seasoned expert with extensive industry knowledge and relationships across the corporate and private equity landscape in Asia.

Mr. Suh has expertise in investment banking and capital markets, with over 30 years of experience in the banking and financial sectors. He primarily focuses on providing advisory services to key players. In 2014, he founded Mercury Value Partners, where he conducted private equity and advisory processes, leveraging his previous expertise in global capital markets accumulated throughout his career, with access to institutional investors, top-level corporate management, and government agencies. Mr. Suh was previously Managing Director at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Hong Kong and Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns Asia in Hong Kong. He was a member of the Asia Executive Management Committee as well as the Head of North Asia Investment Banking.

Mr. Suh earned an MBA with a concentration in Financial Management from Boston University and a BA in Economics from Southern Illinois University. He is fluent in Korean and Japanese.